Videaste de mariage

I am Emmanuel, video creator.

My passion for visual aesthetics and artistic creation has always been at the heart of my personal and professional life. I have been a wedding videographer since 2018, but my journey in the world of audiovisual production and graphics spans two decades. I have put in place a process that respects your time and your desires. I like to do a small batch of weddings per year so that I can concentrate fully on each one.

I ensure that my couples have the most pleasant experience possible, from first contact to delivery of the film(s). I know how valuable your time is and how difficult it is often to make the right choice of a service provider.

Passionate about the stories of the couples I had the pleasure of following. I make films that are like a testimony to what matters most to you, in the company of the people who are dear to your heart. The art of wedding video is for me an ideal canvas to bring beautiful, captivating stories to life. And it’s because I understand the importance of having memories of precious moments with you that I put all this passion into my films.

See you soon

A unique experience for an incredible day

Before the day,

Your experience begins with an appointment with me by telephone, videoconference or in person. One of my favorite parts of this job is being able to meet new couples… and getting to know them by listening to their love stories.

I enjoy meeting the future bride and groom for real as long as I am available; the “off-season” period, from December to May, is more conducive to these meetings at this time of the year. I will make myself available as best as possible to meet you online or by telephone.

After our meeting, I will send you your contract so that you can read it calmly without delay on my part. Thirty days before the wedding I will send you an email requesting a detailed schedule. Thanks to my years of experience, I have been able to focus on the most important information I need from you to ensure that the day goes perfectly and does not demand too much from my couple and cause no unnecessary stress.

I remain available to chat with you a week or two before the wedding to confirm final details. This is a great time to update me on the latest additions or remind me of anything additional I should know about.

Wedding day,

Happy to be part of your big day and ready to work, I arrive a little early to get to know you better. Typically, I arrive two to three hours before the ceremony and leave fifteen to thirty minutes after the opening ball. My goal is to capture your day in an elegant and authentic way. In order to create a memory that you will look back on and in which you will recognize yourself.

Sometimes I may occasionally ask you to move to another area of a room with better lighting, but never directing too much. I want to make sure your day is captured in the most authentic way possible. Happy to work alongside wedding photographers during your day, it’s an opportunity to meet new faces. I always film while respecting your privacy.

Then I work hard to ensure my films are crafted to perfection and use my expertise in imaging to cover all moments of the day so no event is missed. I quickly study a situation to put it into images so that it is present in your film. Always on the lookout, I always look around me to see what is happening in order to capture these authentic moments.

After the marriage,

After the wedding day, I start watching all of your wedding rushes. Many factors contribute to the time it will take to edit your custom film. Especially since I strive to provide each couple with a one-of-a-kind film. A reflection of who you are. I stipulate in your contract, but as an indication, the average time to receive your wedding film.

This time is four to eight weeks depending on the season. I use high quality resources to choose the best music for the tone and style of your film. I make sure to make a choice that suits you, something that you will like but I can also provide you with my resources if you prefer that the choice is up to you.

Then I will deliver your finished wedding film via digital download, to ensure you receive it in the best quality possible. A private page accessible by password is reserved for you. This method maintains the best quality, but allows you to easily view your new memories on your computer, TV, and favorite tablet. I really like to videoconference with you to watch your film together. And when emotions overwhelm you, I know my work is now done.


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